Abstract # 2945 Dosimetric Comparison of Cesium-131 and Palladium-103 for Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy

Presenter: Musmacher, Jeffrey

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Significant differences were noted in V150 in both pre- and post-plans. Pre- and post-plan V150 for the Pd-103 group were 62.6 and 58.5, respectively; V150 for the Cs-131 group were 40.5 and 46.0. The post-implant V150 for the Pd-103 group was 21.3% greater than for the Cs-131 group (p<0.0005). Post-implant D90s were not significantly different between the two groups: 103.7 (Pd-103) versus 102.4 (Cs-131), p=0.5. No other post-implant dosimetric variable exhibited significant difference.