Abstract # 2088 Combined Proton and Photon Conformal Radiotherapy for skull-base atypical and malignant meningioma

Presenter: Boskos, Christos

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The median follow up interval was 32.2 months [1-72].
Median Gross Tumor Volume (GTV) and Clinical Target Volume (CTV) were 44.7 cc and 153.3 cc, respectively.
Median time for freedom from progression for the atypical and malignant meningiomas was 28 (9-70) and 29.3 (4-72) months, respectively.
One-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 8- years Local Control rates (LC) for the entire group of patients were : 82.9 7.8, 82.97.8, 61.311, 61.311, 46.712.3, 46.712.3 respectively.
One-, 2-, 3-,4-,5-, 8- years Overal Survival rates(OS) for the entire group of patients were: 100%, 95.54.4, 80.48.8, 65.310.6, 53.211.6, 42.613 respectively.
All the patients reveal complete or partial clinical improvement.
Maximum radiological response was stable disease.
The radiotherapy was well tolerated.

According to univariate and multivariate analysis, total dose >60Gy, treatment at the time of relapse and local controlled disease are favourable prognostic factors for OS.
A possible increase of the total dose over 65Gy affect in a trend to a possible additionally shift of OS.