Abstract # 1038 A Phase I/II Study of Concurrent Hypofractionated Chemoradiotherapy using Concomitant Boost by 3D-conformal or Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Patients with Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Preliminary Results of Korean Radiation Oncology Group

Presenter: Ahn, Sung-Ja

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With median follow-up periods of 21 (range, 16-38) months, median survival was 29 (range, 0.2-32) months. One and two year overall (OS), progression free (PFS), local progression free (LPFS), and distant metastases free survival (DMFS) rates were 82% and 65%, 61% and 41%, 73% and 56%, and 85% and 72%, respectively. The compliance of radiotherapy was 90% (44/49 patients), and 88% (43/49) patients completed planned 5 cycles of chemotherapy. The response rate was 100% with 44% of near complete response and 56% of partial response. Two patients with T4 lesion (one with involvement of left atrium and the other with left pulmonary artery involvement) died of bleeding and hemoptysis during treatment (Grade 5). Acute esophagitis was the most common acute toxicity with twenty nine patients (59%) developing > Grade 2 esophagitis. Five (10%) developed grade 3 hematologic tocicities, mostly neutropenia. Six (12%) patients developed late esophageal toxicity > grade 3 and four (8%) had late pulmonary toxicities > grade 3.

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