Abstract # 2215 Seed Marker-based IGRT for Prostate Cancer: Excellent Preliminary Toxicity Outcomes

Presenter: Scarbrough, Todd

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In 2004, we completed extensive seed marker-based image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) measurements to correct for the setup/targeting error inherent in external beam radiotherapy of the prostate (Scarbrough et al., IJROBP 2006;65:378-87). Our calculations indicated that seed marker-based IGRT could substantially shrink the necessary PTV margins (in the ~3 mm range) versus what we or others had used previously. Validation of the calculations via post-repositioning analyses followed (Ting et al., Hematol Oncol Clin North Am, 2006;20:63-86). This is a preliminary report of our toxicity outcomes using IMRT and IGRT for prostate cancer.