Abstract # 2945 Dosimetric Comparison of Cesium-131 and Palladium-103 for Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy

Presenter: Musmacher, Jeffrey

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Pre- and post-implant dosimetry data were prospectively collected from consecutive patients undergoing permanent brachytherapy for biopsy-proven carcinoma of the prostate with Cs-131 (n=18) and Pd-103 (n=18). All planning was performed by a single dosimetrist. Dosimetric data collected included V150, V100, V90, V80, D90, R100, and U10. Number of seeds, number of needles, and prostate volumes were also collected. Post-implant dosimetry was based on CT study at 20 days post-brachytherapy. Independent sample t-test was employed to detect significant differences across all collected variables. All treatment plans were independently checked and verified by an outside consulting physics group.