Abstract # 2088 Combined Proton and Photon Conformal Radiotherapy for skull-base atypical and malignant meningioma

Presenter: Boskos, Christos

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Between September 1999 and October 2006, 25 patients(13 males, 12 females) with histopathologically proven meningioma (atypical 19, malignant 6) received postoperative adjuvant combined radiotherapy by 201 MeV proton beam at the Centre Protontherapie d’Orsay (CPO) and high energy photon beam in Pitie Salpetriere Hospital (PS) and Institute Gustave Roussy (IGR).One patient(male-atypical) was excluded from the study(not existed data).
Six patients underwent gross total resection (GTR), eighteen had a subtotal resection (STR).
Mean total irradiation dose (TD) was 65.01 CGE (cobalt gray equivalent) with mean protons total dose (PRTD) 34.05 CGE and mean photons total dose (PHTD) 30.96 CGE.
TD, PRTD, PHTD administrated to the atypical and malignant meningiomas were 64.24 / 32.28 / 31.95 CGE and 68 / 40.8 / 27.2 CGE respectively.
Median duration of the treatment was 50 days [38-58].