Abstract # 2932 Multi-Adaptive-Plan (MAP) IMRT to Accommodate the Independent Movement of the Prostate and Pelvic Lymph Nodes: A Proof of Principle Study Driven by Clinical Necessity

Presenter: Xia, Ping

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P. Xia*, A. Hwang*, G. Mu*, E. Ludlum*, M. Aubin*, J. Pouliot*, M. Roach III*. , University of California, San Francisco, CA,

Author Disclosure:
  P. Xia, Siemens research grant, C. Other Research Support; A. Hwang, None; G. Mu, None; E. Ludlum, None; M. Aubin, Research support from Siemens, C. Other Research Support; J. Pouliot, Research grant from Siemens, C. Other Research Support; M. Roach III

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