Abstract # 2896 Investigation of MRI Artifact Caused By An in-vivo Dosimeter (DVSŪ)

Presenter: Beyer, Gloria

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About the Presenter:
Gloria P. Beyer received a B.S. in physics from the University of Costa Rica in 1990, M.S. in Physics from Florida State University in 1993, and M.S. in Medical Health Physics from University of Florida in 1995. For several years she worked as a medical physicist in a number of radiation oncology clinics, originally as an employee and later as a consultant through her own company. In 2002 she joined Varian Medical Systems as a physicist and education specialist responsible for developing and implementing clinical training programs for stereotactic radiosurgery and IMRT radiation products around the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. While working as a medical physicist, she completed her Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences (Medical Imaging) from University of South Florida with Moffitt Cancer Center. In 2006 she joined Sicel Technologies, Inc, as the VP of Clinical Operations and Sr. Medical Physicist and continues to practice clinical medical physics as a consultant. She is currently involved in the research, technical development, and clinical implementation of MOSFET surface and implantable radiation dosimeters.
Contact the presenter at: gbeyer@siceltech.com

C. W. Scarantino*1, G. P. Beyer*2, G. G. Coates*3, C. Rini*2. , 1Rex Cancer Center, Raleigh, NC, 2Sicel Technologies Inc., Morrisville, NC, 3Wake Radiology, Raleigh, NC,

Author Disclosure:
  C.W. Scarantino, shareholder, E. Ownership Interest; Medical Director, F. Consultant/Advisory Board; G.P. Beyer, Medical Physicist, A. Employment; G.G. Coates, None; C. Rini, Engineering, Product Development, A. Employment.

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