Abstract # 2863 Assessment of Target Registration Error (TRE) in Extra-Cranial Radiotherapy Patient Setup Guided by the Exactrac X-ray 6D System

Presenter: Spadea, Maria Francesca

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M. Spadea*1, M. Riboldi*2,1, B. Tagaste*3, C. Garibaldi*3, G. Catalano*3, M. Fiore*3, D. Zerini*3, R. Orecchia*3, A. Pedotti*1, G. Baroni*1. , 1Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy, 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 3Istituto Europeo

Author Disclosure:
 M. Spadea, None; M. Riboldi, None; B. Tagaste, None; C. Garibaldi, None; G. Catalano, None; M. Fiore, None; D. Zerini, None; R. Orecchia, None; A. Pedotti, None; G. Baroni, None.

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