Abstract # 2794 Daily Bone Alignment with Limited Repeat CT Correction Rivals Daily Ultrasound Alignment for Prostate Radiotherapy

Presenter: O'Daniel, Jennifer

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J. C. O'Daniel*, L. Dong*, R. J. Kudchadker*, D. A. Kuban*, R. de Crevoisier*, A. K. Lee*, R. Cheung*, L. Zhang*, S. L. Tucker*, R. Mohan*. , U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX,

Author Disclosure:
 J.C. O'Daniel, None; L. Dong, None; R.J. Kudchadker, None; D.A. Kuban, None; R. de Crevoisier, None; A.K. Lee, None; R. Cheung, None; L. Zhang, None; S.L. Tucker, None; R. Mohan, None.

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