Abstract # 2659 Computer-Aided Preservation of Risk Organs in Critical Brachytherapy by Tissue Spacing with Percutaneous Injection of Hyaluronic Acid Solution

Presenter: Kishi, Kazushi

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About the Presenter:
At a small university hospital in Japan, we treat many patients with palliative purpose. Brachytherapy provides an effectve and safe dose to the target in single session at our outpatient clinic. For further information, please contact at Kazushi.kishi@gmail.com

K. Kishi*, S. Shirai*, M. Sato*, T. Sonomura*. , Wakayama Medical University, Wakayama City, Japan,

Author Disclosure:
 K. Kishi, None; S. Shirai, None; M. Sato, None; T. Sonomura, None.

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