Abstract # 2559 Evaluation of Patient Setup Variability Between Two Different Immobilization Systems Used for SBRT or Standard Fractionation IGRT in the Treatment of Lung Cancers on a Novalis Treatment Unit

Presenter: Dilling, Thomas

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T. J. Dilling*1, M. Chuong*2, S. Sarangkasiri*1, L. Walker*1, B. Noriega*1, D. Boulware*1, C. W. Stevens*1. , 1H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, FL, 2University of South Florida School of Medicine, Tampa, FL,

Author Disclosure:
 T.J. Dilling, None; M. Chuong, None; S. Sarangkasiri, None; L. Walker, None; B. Noriega, None; D. Boulware, None; C.W. Stevens, None.

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