Abstract # 2458 Parotid Gland Sparing with Intensity Modulated Radiation in Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Tumors: Experience of the French Group "STIC 2002 - RCMI ORL"

Presenter: Bensadoun, Rene-Jean

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About the Presenter:
Head of Radiation Oncology Department, CAL, Nice (France).
Contact the presenter at: rene-jean.bensadoun@nice.fnclcc.fr

R. J. Bensadoun*1, K. Benézéry*1, J. Thariat*1, A. Serre*2, V. Favrel*3, P. Giraud*4, P. Lagarde*5, M. Gartner*6, J. Bourhis*7, J. P. Gérard*1. , 1Centre Antoine-Lacassagne, Nice Cedex 2 06189, France, 2Centre Val d'Aurelle, Montpellier, France, 3Centre H

Author Disclosure:
 R.J. Bensadoun, None; K. Benézéry, None; J. Thariat, None; A. Serre, None; V. Favrel, None; P. Giraud, None; P. Lagarde, None; M. Gartner, None; J. Bourhis, None; J.P. Gérard, None.

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