Abstract # 2358 Does Intra-operative Ultrasound Guidance Benefit Routine Intracavitary Cervical Carcinoma Brachytherapy?

Presenter: Davidson, Melanie

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Contact the presenter at: Melanie.Davidson@lhsc.on.ca

M. T. M. Davidson*1, D. P. D'Souza*1, J. Yuen*1, J. S. Radwan*1, J. A. Hammond*1, T. Murray*1, L. I. Derrah*1, D. L. Batchelar*2. , 1London Regional Cancer Program, London, ON, Canada, 2Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada,

Author Disclosure:
 M.T.M. Davidson, None; D.P. D'Souza, None; J. Yuen, None; J.S. Radwan, None; J.A. Hammond, None; T. Murray, None; L.I. Derrah, None; D.L. Batchelar, None.

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