Abstract # 2443 Adjuvant Concurrent Chemoradiation after Laser Surgery for Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer

Presenter: Antonadou, Dosia

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Contact the presenter at: d_antona@hol.gr

D. Antonadou*1, D. Pantazis*2, N. Throuvalas*1, D. Roumeliotis*2, A. Kallitsis*2, T. Paschalis*1. , 1Radiation Oncology Department Medical Center, Athens 14562, Greece, 2HEAD AND NECK DEPARTMENT, THRIASSION HOSPITAL, ATHENS, GREECE,, Elefsina, Greece,

Author Disclosure:
 D. Antonadou, None; D. Pantazis, None; N. Throuvalas, None; D. Roumeliotis, None; A. Kallitsis, None; T. Paschalis, None.

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