Abstract # 2239 Early Radiotherapy Salvage Following Post-prostatectomy Psa Rising Improves Biochemical Outcome

Presenter: Besa, Pelayo

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About the Presenter:
Professor Adjunct and Head of radiation oncology at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile, since 1997. Radiation oncology training at M D Anderson Cancer Center.
Contact the presenter at: pbesa@med.puc.cl

P. Besa*, M. Bustos*, Y. Borhguero*, A. Berlin*, L. Martinez*, C. Trucco*. , Pontificia Universidad Catolica/Chile, Santiago, Chile,

Author Disclosure:
 P. Besa, None; M. Bustos, None; Y. Borhguero, None; A. Berlin, None; L. Martinez, None; C. Trucco, None.

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