Abstract # 2234 p53 Protein Expression Status and Recurrence in Men Treated with Radiation Therapy and Androgen Suppression Therapy for Higher-Risk Prostate Cancer A Prospective Phase II Cancer and Leukemia Group B Study

Presenter: D'Amico, Anthony

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Contact the presenter at: adamico@lroc.harvard.edu

A. V. D'Amico*1, S. Halabi*2, R. Vollmer*2, M. Loffredo*1, E. McMahon*1, B. Sanford*2, L. Archer*2, N. J. Vogelzang*3, E. Small*4, P. Kantoff*1. , 1Brigham & Women's Hosp./Dana-Farber, Boston, MA, 2Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, 3Nevada Prost

Author Disclosure:
 A.V. D'Amico, None; S. Halabi, None; R. Vollmer, None; M. Loffredo, None; E. McMahon, None; B. Sanford, None; L. Archer, None; N.J. Vogelzang, None; E. Small, None; P. Kantoff, None.

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