Abstract # 2210 Late Toxicity In The Getug 06 Randomized Trial Comparing 70 Gy And 80 Gy For Localized Prostate Cancer.

Presenter: BECKENDORF, Veronique

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V. BECKENDORF*1, S. GUERIF*2, E. LE PRISE*3, J. M. COSSET*4, O. LE FLOCH*5, B. CHAUVET*6, N. SALEM*7, O. CHAPET*8, S. BOURDIN*9, P. BEY*4. , 1Centre Alexis Vautrin, Vandoeuvre les Nancy, France, 2Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Poitiers (CHU), Poitier

Author Disclosure:
 V. Beckendorf, None; S. Guerif, None; E. Le prise, None; J.M. Cosset, None; O. Le floch, None; B. Chauvet, None; N. Salem, None; O. Chapet, None; S. Bourdin, None; P. Bey, None.

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