Abstract # 2151 SU11248 (sunitinib) Sensitizes Pancreatic Cancer to the Cytotoxic Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Presenter: Cuneo, Kyle

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About the Presenter:
Kyle C. Cuneo, MD is a medicine intern at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. His research mentor is Dennis E. Hallahan. Kyle's research interests include identifying novel molecular targets to enhance the cytotoxic effects of ionizing radiation and radiation induced signal transduction. He is specifically interested in small molecule inhibitors, epigenetic modifiers, tumor vasculature, and GI malignancies. Next year Kyle will start his training in radiation oncology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC.
Contact the presenter at: kyle.cuneo@vanderbilt.edu

K. C. Cuneo*, L. Geng*, A. Fu*, D. Orton*, D. E. Hallahan*, A. Chakravarthy*. , Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN,

Author Disclosure:
 K.C. Cuneo, None; L. Geng, None; A. Fu, None; D. Orton, None; D.E. Hallahan, None; A. Chakravarthy, None.

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