Abstract # 2450 Impact of Chemotherapy on Parotid Dose-Volume Tolerance in Patients Treated with Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy for Head & Neck Cancers (HNC)

Presenter: Parikh, Simul

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This study provides evidence that distinct dose-volume relationships exist for patients treated with IMRT alone vs. ChRT. Acute and chronic salivary toxicity are increased in patients undergoing ChRT, however the increase in chronic toxicity is not significant due to fewer events. Patients treated with ChRT received higher doses to the parotids due to increased total dose, larger fields, or both, likely because of more advanced disease. Yet, in these patients, the threshold dose for acute toxicity is reduced, and the threshold for chronic toxicity may be reduced, as well. A more detailed characterization of this relationship and evaluation of the NTCP is underway in order to establish appropriate parotid dose-volume constraints for patients treated with ChRT using IMRT.