Abstract # 2088 Combined Proton and Photon Conformal Radiotherapy for skull-base atypical and malignant meningioma

Presenter: Boskos, Christos

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1. Postoperative conformal combined radiotherapy with protons and photons for subtotal resected atypical and malignant meningiomas, is a well-tolerated treatment with a considerable OS.
2. Increase of the total dose over 60Gy, affect in a better prognosis in SDS and OS. A possible increase of the total dose over 65Gy affect in a trend to a possible additionally shift of OS.
3. Treatment for local recurrent meningioma have a better prognosis compared with adjuvant postoperative radiotherapy.
4. Long-term radiological proven stabilization of the disease affect to increase OS. This results to an encouraging 8-years survival comparable to the best one reported in the literature.