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B - Radiation and Cancer Biology -> B-04 - Experimental and Clinical Therapeutics

1017: Bmx is a Vascular Endothelial Molecular Target for Radiosensitization
Tu, Tianxiang Click abstract title to view poster
1018: Using MicroRNAs to Alter the Radiation Response
Weidhaas, Joanne Click abstract title to view poster
1019: Radiosensitization, Multi-drug Targeting, and Endocytosis by Liquid-core Microcapsules Accumulated Through Radiation.
Harada, Satoshi Click abstract title to view poster
1021: The Therapeutic Mechanisms of Enhancement of Radiation Response on Lung Cancer by Ranpirnase
Lee, Intae Click abstract title to view poster
1023: Non-invasive Assessment of Cancer Susceptibility to Therapy
Fu, Allie
1024: Rapid Assessment of Malignant Glioma Susceptibility to Molecular Targeted Therapy
Huamani, Jessica
1025: Identification of Irestatins: A Novel Class of Hypoxia Targeted Cancer Therapeutics
Koong, Albert
1028: Radiation Guided Peptide Targeting to Tumor Microvasculature using Nanoparticle Carriers
Hariri, Ghazal Click abstract title to view poster
2710: Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy with the Oxidative Stress Inducer STA-4783 in Mouse Xenograft Tumor Models
Foley, Kevin
2711: Radiation-enhanced Viral Oncolytic Therapy (ReVOLT) Using Armed Oncolytic Virus Expressing Interleukin 12 (IL-12) And GM-CSF
Seong, Jinsil
2713: Towards Personalized Radiation Therapy: Translation of a Mathematical Model of the Radiosensitivity Network to the Prediction of Clinical Radiation Response
Torres-Roca, Javier Click abstract title to view poster
2714: Optimization of siRNA-transgene Expression in Adenoviral Vector Systems for Radiation Sensitizing Strategies
DeWeese, Theodore
2718: Selenium Potentiates the Antitumor Activity of Radiation Therapy in Human A549 Lung Cancer Xenografts
Yang, Gary Click abstract title to view poster
2722: Preparative Hepatic Irradiation for liver-directed Ex Vivo Lentiviral UGT1A1 Gene Therapy: Amelioration of hyperbilirubinemia in Gunn rats.
Jiang, JinLan
2727: Recombinant Human Keratinocyte Growth Factor Modulates Inflammatory Changes In Mouse Oral Mucosa During Fractionated Irradiation
Doerr, Wolfgang
2728: The In Vitro and In Vivo Radiosensitization Effect of Cloforabine
Xu, Bo
2729: Granulocyte- Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) Accelerates Healing of Radiation Induced Moist Desquamation
Viswanth, Lokesh Click abstract title to view poster
2730: Effects of IFN-beta and Ionizing Radiation on Human Rhabdomyosarcoma Cell Lines
McGee, Mackenzie Click abstract title to view poster
2732: The Epigenome As Molecular Target For Multi-modality Resistant Tumor Cells
Mishra, Mark
2735: Comparison Of Two Manganese Porphyrin Mimics Of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) In Pulmonary Radioprotection
Gauter-Fleckenstein, Benjamin Click abstract title to view poster
2745: Anti-Metastatic Effect of Local Carbon-Ion Irradiation in a Highly Metastatic Mouse Model
Tamaki, Tomoaki
2747: Impact of Selective Mitochondrial DNA polymerase Gamma Inhibition by Vitamin K Compounds against Human Cancer Cells and Radioresistant Clones
Sasaki, Ryohei
2750: A Novel Poly(adp-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitor, Abt-888, Sensitizes Malignant Human Cell Lines To Ionizing Radiation Under Oxia And Hypoxia.
Liu, Stanley
2756: Combination Of Cytosine Deaminase with Uracil Phosphoribosyl Transferase with 5-fluorocytosine Radiosensitizes Rat Prostate Cancer Cells
Xing, Ligang Click abstract title to view poster
2760: A Generalized Linear-Quadratic Formula for High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy and Radiosurgery
Wang, Jian Click abstract title to view poster
2761: The Responses of Quiescent Cell Populations in Solid Tumors to 290 Mev/u Carbon Ion Beam Irradiation In Vivo, Compared with those of Total Cell Populations
Masunaga, Shin-ichiro
2762: Tumor Response to Hypofractionated Radiotherapy
Solberg, Timothy
2772: Pilot Study of Dose Escalation using Cyberknife Stereotactic Radiotherapy (ck Srt) for Liver Metastasis in Adenocarcinoma in Rodents: Preliminary Results
bondiau, pierre-yves
2773: Comparison of Radioprotective Effect of Intrarectal Amifostine and Prednisolone on the Colorectal Mucosa in Rats
Bora, Huseyin