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B - Radiation and Cancer Biology -> B-03 - Central Nervous System

1029: Pre-clinical Assessment of CD137 (4-1BB)-mediated Co-stimulation in Combination with Whole Brain Radiation Therapy in the GL261 Glioma Model
Newcomb, Elizabeth Click abstract title to view poster
2705: Inhibition of PI3K/Akt Signaling Impairs DNA Repair in Glioblastoma Cells following Ionizing Radiation
Maity, Amit
2706: Noscapine Enhances Tumor Radioresponse in the GL261 Glioma Model: Implications for Glioma Therapy
Lukyanov, Yevgeniy Click abstract title to view poster
2737: Effect Of X-irradiation On Dendritic Spines Morphology Of Hippocampal Neurons
Nakano, Takashi
2744: AMPAR antagonist Enhance the Effect of Temozolomide and Radiation on Glioblastoma cell
Yoshida, Yukari