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B - Radiation and Cancer Biology -> B-02 - Cell and Tissue Signaling

1022: Three-dimensional Tumor Cell Movement in Collagen Gel: Mesenchymal-to-Amoeboid Transition in a Sub-clone that Survived 10Gy Irradiation
Nishioka, Takeshi Click abstract title to view poster
1026: Disparity Between In Vivo Zirconium-89-labeled Cetuximab Uptake and EGFR Expression
Lambin, Philippe
2707: Modulation of Therapeutic Sensitivity by the ATR Kinase
Bunz, Fred
2708: Single-Dose Radiation Stimulates Induction Of Stromal Derived Factor-1 Expression And Endothelial Cell Migration Independently Of Hypoxia Activation
Lerman, Oren
2739: Radioresistance Induced By Mnsod Overexpression In 32dCl 3Murine Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells Is Further Increased By Localization Of A Catalase Transgene Product To The Mitochondria
Epperly, Michael
2743: Flavopiridol Enhances Radiosensitivity of Human Laryngeal and Lung Cancer Cells through Enhancing Radiation-induced Apoptosis
Kim, Suzy Click abstract title to view poster
2757: Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Rat Lung Tissue: A Proteomic Analysis
Graves, Paul
2759: In a Mouse Model Intravenous Administration of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase-Plasmid Liposomes (MnSOD-PL) Protects Against Whole Body Irradiation
Greenberger, Joel
2769: A Minicircle Plasmid containing the Human Manganese Superoxide Dismutase (MnSOD) Transgene Confers Radioprotection to Cells InVitro
Zhang, Xichen
2770: Prevention of Radiation-Induced Lung Injury in Mice by Ulinastatin
Katoh, Hiroyuki