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A - Radiation Physics -> A-10 - Miscellaneous Cancer

1030: Improved Local Control Associated with Dose-escalated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Indicates Dose-response Relationship
McCammon, Robert Click abstract title to view poster
1098: Secondary Particle Energy Deposition for Proton and Carbon Therapy Beams
Charara, Youssef Click abstract title to view poster
1100: Patient-specific Dose from Megavoltage CT Imaging with a Helical Tomotherapy Unit
Shah, Amish Click abstract title to view poster
1101: Orthogonal Delivery to Improve IMRT Efficiency
Dou, Xin Click abstract title to view poster
2784: Improved Image Quality and Beam Stability for a High Contrast Imaging Beam Line used for Megavoltage Cone-beam CT
Wu, Vincent
2791: IGRT Using A Video-Based 3-D Surface Imaging System in Combination with CBCT
Yang, Claus Chunli Click abstract title to view poster
2806: Use of an Optical Fiber Dosimeter to Measure Small Field Output Factors in Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Miller, Robert
2816: Can MVCT Be Used For Adaptive Radiotherapy? A Feasibility Study
Thomas, Sayana
2825: Multi-objective IMRT Treatment Planning
Craft, David Click abstract title to view poster
2836: Design of Multi-purpose Phantom and Automated Software Analysis Tool for Quality Assurance of Onboard kV/MV Imaging System
Mao, Weihua
2839: Patient positioning, Target Delineation and Dose Calculation with MV Cone-Beam CT for Patients with Metallic Implants: Clinical Integration
Aubin, Michele
2846: The Next Step in Patient Specific QA: 3D Dose Verification for Conformal and Intensity Modulated RT based on EPID Dosimetry and Monte Carlo Calculations
van Elmpt, Wouter Click abstract title to view poster
2847: Converting Multiple-arc Intensity-modulated Arc Therapy Into A Single Arc For Efficient Delivery
Tang, Grace Click abstract title to view poster
2869: Frameless Stereotactic Treatment Of Brain Metastases Using Cone-beam CT Based Image Guidance
Remeijer, Peter
2870: Feasibility Test Of Volumetric Image Reconstruction In A Conceptual IGRT Machine That Enables Imaging Independent Of Treatment Gantry
Kim, Siyong Click abstract title to view poster
2871: Dose Distribution Comparison for the IGRT Treatment using CyberKnife versus LINAC IMRT Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Shiu, Almon
2872: Analysis of the Accuracy of a Monitor Unit Calculation Procedure for Passively Scattered Proton Therapy Beams
Sahoo, Narayan Click abstract title to view poster
2873: New Monitoring System for Setting Position, and for Checking during Irradiation and in the Course of Radiotherapy
TAKAGI, Hitoshi Click abstract title to view poster
2874: Evaluation Of The Accuracy Of Cone-beam Based Patient Positioning For Treatment Of Spinal Lesions And Efficacy Of Adaptive Strategies To Maximize The Cord Sparing.
Harrison, Amy
2882: Study of Interfractional and Intrafractional Set-up Errors in Radiotherapy Utilizing KV Cone-beam Computed Tomography
Xu, Feng
2887: Multi-institutional Randomized Study to Evaluate a Holographic Display Device for Treatment Planning
Chu, James Click abstract title to view poster
2888: Constrained Non-Rigid (NR) Registration for use in Aligning Critical Organs in External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT) for Prostate Cancer
Greene, William Click abstract title to view poster
2889: Mechanical and Dosimetric Quality Assurance for Helical Tomotherapy
Ramsey, Chester
2902: A Feasibility Study using a CCD-based Electronic Portal Imaging Device for Digital Tomosynthesis
Sarkar, Vikren Click abstract title to view poster
2903: Fractionated CyberKnife Treatment May Underdose the Target Volume: Results of a Pilot Study
Astrahan, Melvin
2908: Quantitative Evaluation of a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)-CT Deformable Image Registration Method for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Lawson, Joshua Click abstract title to view poster
2921: Evaluation of Bone Inhomogeneity Correction by the Analytical Anisotropic Algorithm
Da Cruz, Jose Carlos
2922: Evaluation of EPID Ghosting Effects in IMRT Fluence Maps
Figueira, Ana Rita
2923: Automated Analysis Software For The Objective Assessment And Optimisation Of Radiotherapy Image Quality
Reilly, Andrew Click abstract title to view poster
2926: Evaluation of Intra-fraction Patient Movements During Image Guided LINAC-based Spinal Radiosurgery
McGibbon, Bruce Click abstract title to view poster
2938: An Anger-Camera Study of Scatter Effects in Single-Photon-Emission Imaging with Flat-Panel Detectors
Bowsher, James
2939: ROI Constrained Deformable Image Registration for On-line Adaptive Radiotherapy
Chen, Mingli Click abstract title to view poster
2949: A New 2-D Ion Chamber Detector for Radiotherapy Quality Assurance
Peroni, Cristiana Click abstract title to view poster