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A - Radiation Physics -> A-08 - Lung Cancer

1027: Early Upregulation of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor Expression by Radiation-induced Damage to Mouse Lung In Vivo
Liu, Zejian Click abstract title to view poster
1094: Effects of Inter-fraction Anatomic Changes on Proton Therapy Dose Distributions in Lung Cancer
Hui, Zhouguang
1095: A Deliverable 4D IMRT Planning Method For DMLC Tumor Tracking Delivery
SUH, YELIN Click abstract title to view poster
1096: Four Dimensional Target Volume Generation in Pulmonary Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Guckenberger, Matthias Click abstract title to view poster
1097: Data Compression in Adaptive and 4D Radiotherapy
Chen, Quan Click abstract title to view poster
1099: Dynamic Modulation of Radiotherapy Fractionation: A Simulation Study
Zhang, Yu
2781: 4D Digital Tomosynthesis for On-Board Analysis of Respiratory Induced Motion Effects
Maurer, Jacqueline
2782: Feasibility of Helical Tomotherapy for Lung Cancer Treatment: The Effect of Respiratory Motion on Imaging and Dose Delivery
Duan, Jun
2783: Dosimetric Evaluation of Helical IMRT, Traditional IMRT and 3-D Conformal Radiation for Inoperable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Cannon, George Click abstract title to view poster
2790: Real Time Respiration-compensated Tomotheraputical Delivery
Lu, Weiguo Click abstract title to view poster
2799: Onboard SPECT for Biological Target Localization
Roper, Justin Click abstract title to view poster
2800: Four-Dimensional Deformable Registration for IGRT
Thorndyke, Brian
2804: Deformable Image Registration with Inclusion of Auto-detected Homologous Tissue Features
Xie, Yaoqin Click abstract title to view poster
2805: Verifying Reproducibility Of Internal Anatomy During Respiration Gated Radiotherapy (RGRT)
van Sornsen de Koste, John Click abstract title to view poster
2811: PET/CT Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy of Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Sethi, Anil
2812: Compounding Effect of Fractionation Requirements on Adaptive Reoptimization
Langer, Mark
2813: Effects of Intrafractional Motion on Water Equivalent Path Length in Respiratory-gated Heavy Charged Particle Beam Radiotherapy
Mori, Shinichiro Click abstract title to view poster
2814: 4D Monte Carlo Dosimetry And Its Validation With Measurements
Park, Kwangyoul Click abstract title to view poster
2815: Dosimetric Analysis of Lung Cancer Treatment Planning for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy utilizing Cone Beam CT
Patel, Samir
2823: Impact of Body Deformation in Radiosurgery using Respiratory Tracking
Lu, Xing-Qi
2824: Comparison of Normal Tissue Radiation Dose Responses for Various Regions of the Lungs
Munley, Michael
2834: A Comparison of the Color Intensity Projection (CIP) Maps Generated by Simulated 4D CT and Dynamic MRI for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
Sheng, Ke Click abstract title to view poster
2843: Effects of Interfractional Changes on Range in Heavy Charged Particle Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer
Mori, Shinichiro Click abstract title to view poster
2844: Effect Of Mv Scatter On Kv Image Quality During Simultaneous Kv-mv Imaging
Luo, Wei Click abstract title to view poster
2845: An Adaptive Radiotherapy Tool for Individualizing and Verifying Treatment Margins using MV-CBCT
Reitz, Bodo Click abstract title to view poster
2851: Evaluation of Intra-fractional Patient Movement during Image Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of Spine and Lung Patients
Al Ani, Shlomo Click abstract title to view poster
2862: Evaluation of Residual Deviation in Patient Positioning and its Impact on Dose Distribution for Proton Radiotherapy
Arjomandy, Bijan Click abstract title to view poster
2863: Assessment of Target Registration Error (TRE) in Extra-Cranial Radiotherapy Patient Setup Guided by the Exactrac X-ray 6D System
Spadea, Maria Francesca Click abstract title to view poster
2864: Deformable Model and Four-Dimensional Reconstruction for Onboard CBCT
Li, Tianfang
2865: Image Guided Real-Time Respiratory Gated Hypofractionated (H-SBRT) for Liver and Lung Tumors: Initial Experience
Wurm, Reinhard
2866: Automated Method for Recognition of a Tumor Displacement on EPID without Implanted Markers in Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Arimura, Hidetaka
2867: Use of Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy to Reduce Penumbra Margin
Zhang, Xiaodong
2868: Comparison of Tumor Shrinkage in Proton and Photon Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer
Dong, Lei
2881: Static and Moving Phantom Studies for Treatment Planning in an Integrated PET/CT System
Nishimura, Yasumasa Click abstract title to view poster
2885: 4D Dynamic Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment with Dual-layer Micro Multileaf Collimators
Liu, Yaxi Click abstract title to view poster
2886: The Need for Accurate Dose Calculation Algorithms with Inhomogeneity Corrections in Treatment Planning for a Small Lung Tumor Treatment
Ding, George
2899: Radiotherapy With A Flattening Filter Free Clinac
Vassiliev, Oleg
2900: Correcting For Intra-fraction Breathing Motion Based On Offline And Online Analysis Of Respiratory Patterns
Xu, Jun Click abstract title to view poster
2901: Inter and Intra-Fraction Target Localization using Volumetric Imaging in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) in the Lung
Purdie, Thomas
2918: On The Clinical And Dosimetric Accuracy Of Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm Photon Dose Calculation In The Case Of Lung Inhomogeneities For IMRT Treatment.
KHODRI, Mustapha
2919: Multi-sensor Measurement Of External Movement To Improve Correlation Between External Marker And Internal Motion For Respiratory Motion Management During Radiotherapy
Christensen, James
2920: Correlation of Clinically Significant Radiation Esophagitis with Dose-Volume Histogram Parameters in Lung Cancer
Rose, Jim Click abstract title to view poster
2924: Quality Assurance Program for a Kilovoltage Cone-beam CT Guided Radiation Therapy System
Wang, Yan
2925: Dosimetric Analysis Of Helical Tomotherapy Focused On Intra-fractional Organ Motion: A Motion Phantom Study
Kawamura, Hidemasa
2936: Use Of Daily kV Conebeam CT To Evaluate Two Off-line Correction Strategies For IGRT in Thoracic And Abdominal Radiotherapy
Ye, Jin-song
2937: Designing a Breathing Monitor Device and Software to Gate a CT scanner
Sohn, Jason Wonho Click abstract title to view poster
2948: Phantom Study on Radiotherapy Planning using PET-CT: Delineation of the GTV by Evaluating the SUV
Uto, Fumiaki
2964: Real-Time Body Surface Motion Tracking Using the Couch Based Computer-Controlled Motion Phantom (CBMP) and Ultrasonic Sensor: A Feasibility Study
Lee, Suk Click abstract title to view poster