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A - Radiation Physics -> A-06 - Head and Neck Cancer

1090: Adaptive Replanning Strategies Accounting Tumor and Normal Tissue Shrinkage for HN-IMRT
Wu, Qiuwen Click abstract title to view poster
1091: Study of Rotational Setup Errors and their Dosimetric Impacts on Head & Neck IMRT Treatments using Kilovoltage Cone-beam Computed Tomography (kV CBCT)
Fu, Weihua Click abstract title to view poster
2780: Computational Grids In The Clinic: Search For An IMRT Efficient Frontier.
Dimitroyannis, Dimitri
2788: Patient Anatomy/Dose Tracking And Feedback System for Image Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
Yan, Di
2789: A Monte Carlo Assisted Research and Treatment Planning System
Deng, Jun Click abstract title to view poster
2798: Comparison of 2D-2D Versus 3D-3D Matching for Image Guided Setup of Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Sontag, Marc Click abstract title to view poster
2801: Identification Of Image Features Contributing To A Reduction In Inter-Observer Target Definition Variation With FDG PET-CT Of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Hoisak, Jeremy Click abstract title to view poster
2821: Definition of the Gross Tumor Volume in Head and Neck Cancer using FDG PET Iso-Intensity Levels
Simon, Edmund
2822: Probabilistic Analysis of Cord Position in Daily On-line Cone Beam CT Imaging for Head and Neck Radiotherapy
Breen, Stephen
2832: Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) Vs Helicoidal Tomotherapy (HT) In The Treatment Of Nasopharynx Cancer: A Planning Comparison
Widesott, Lamberto Click abstract title to view poster
2833: Quantitative ROI-based Assessment of Metabolic Changes Between Pre- and Post-Radiotherapy F18-FDG PET/CT Images
Cannon, Blake
2838: Evaluation of Head and Neck Patient Setup and Immobilization Errors
Robison, Ben
2842: Cone-Beam CT (CBCT) Image Guidance for In-Room Frameless Stereotactic Radiotherapy Positioning of Brain Tumor Patients
Crocker, Ian Click abstract title to view poster
2858: Optimization of IMRT Fluence-Map Smoothing Can Result in Improved IMRT Plans
Salter, Bill
2859: Evaluation of Intrafraction Motion in Head and Neck Cancer During Radiotherapy
La, Trang
2860: Automatic Registration Between Reference And On-Board Digital Tomosynthesis For Target Localization of Head And Neck Treatment
Ren, Lei Click abstract title to view poster
2861: Determination of Treatment Margin for the CBCT-based Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy
Heydarian, Mostafa
2884: Voxel Dose Probability: A New Concept for Treatment Planning Incorporating Dose Uncertainties during Treatment Delivery
Dekker, Andre Click abstract title to view poster
2891: A Novel Measurement of 5mm Output Factor for the Cyberknife using Glass Rod Detector
Rah, Jeong-Eun
2897: Temporal Delivery Efficiency of a Novel Single Gantry Arc Optimization Technique for Treatment of Recurrent Nasopharynx Cancer
Otto, Karl
2898: Navigating Through And Around The Field Size Limitation On Varian Linear Accelerators When Planning Large IMRT Cases Using The Philips Pinnacle Treatment Planning System
LaCerba, Victoria Click abstract title to view poster
2917: Assessment of IMRT Plans Optimized with Deliverable Step and Shoot (SS) and Dynamic MLC (DMLC) Techniques
George, Rohini
2933: Comparing Optical Localization to kV On-board Imaging during Image-guided Stereotaxy
Drzymala, Robert Click abstract title to view poster
2934: Comparison of Contour-to-CT Registration Techniques During Adaptive Re-planning of Radiation Therapy for Patients with Bulky Disease
Choe, Juno
2935: Customized Optimization of IMRT Plans Based upon Clinical Considerations in Head and Neck Cancer Lessens Tissue Toxicities and Improves Duration of Treatment
Dombrowski, John
2961: Modeling the Volumetric Change of Head-and-Neck Tumor in Response to Radiation Therapy
Chao, Ming