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A - Radiation Physics -> A-03 - Gastrointestinal Cancer

1088: Variability in Liver Shape and Impact on GTV Position During Liver Stereotactic Radiotherapy with Abdominal Compression
Eccles, Cynthia Click abstract title to view poster
2776: The Effect of Scan Angle on Target Localization Accuracy Using Digital Tomosynthesis
Fuller, Jessica
2793: Dosimetric Feasibility of Gold Nanoparticle-aided Radiation Therapy (GNRT) using a Yb-169 Source
Cho, Sang
2818: Image Guided SBRT Dose Delivery Assessment: A Feasibility Study
Berbeco, Ross
2837: Intrahepatic Tumor and Vessel Identification in Intravenous Contrast Enhanced Liver kV Cone Beam CT
Tse, Regina
2905: IMRT Optimization Of High Dose Focal Liver Treatments With The Goal Of Minimally Irradiating Uninvolved Liver Segments Counted On For Regeneration Post Treatment
Vineberg, Karen Click abstract title to view poster
2955: A Pancreas Motion Study Using Automatic Image Segmentation of Time-Resolved, Single-Slice MR Images
Li, Guang
2956: Determining Margins for Organs at Risk to Account for Anatomic Motion
Morrow, Natalya