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A - Radiation Physics -> A-01 - Breast Cancer

2792: Inter-Fractional Balloon Variation in Mammosite HDR Brachytherapy: Dosimetric Analysis on 200 CT-Based Plans
Kim, Yongbok Click abstract title to view poster
2802: Video-coaching As Biofeedback-tool To Improve Gated Treatments: 2 Years Clinical Experience
Cossmann, Peter
2826: Interactive Image Guided Peripheral Brachytherapy for the Boost Dose in Breast Irradiation
Rivard, Mark
2827: Evaluation of an Adaptive Diffusion Smoothing Technique to Improve Delivery Efficiency in Accelerated Partial Breast IMRT
Matuszak, Martha Click abstract title to view poster
2840: Quantitative Assessment of Surface Deformation in Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
Riboldi, Marco Click abstract title to view poster
2909: Is An Additional Margin For Respiratory Motion Necessary When Utilizing Imrt For Breast Radiotherapy?
Hayes, Shelly
2910: Interfraction Setup Variability for Prone Breast Radiotherapy
Mitchell, James
2911: Measurement Of Delivered Dose With Electron Beam During Boost Treatment For Breast Cancer Using The DVS Implantable Dosimeter
Scarantino, Charles Click abstract title to view poster
2927: Cone-Beam CTs of the Prone Breast
Becker, Stewart
2928: Feasibility Study Of 3D CT Based Brachytherapy Planning For Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation With Intraoperative Interstitial Implants.
Budrukkar, Ashwini
2950: Investigation of Helical Tomotherapy for Partial-breast Irradiation of Prone-positioned Patients
Kainz, Kristofer Click abstract title to view poster
2951: The Radiation Exposure To The Contra Lateral Breast From Portal Images During The Course Of Breast Radiotherapy
Wang, Xiaochun Click abstract title to view poster
2952: Breast/chestwall Treatment with Helical Tomotherapy - Dosimetric evaluation and Determination of Skin Toxicity
Sen, Amarjit Click abstract title to view poster
2953: The Effect of Tumor Bed Location on Heart Dosimetry for 3-D Conformal Partial Breast Irradiation and Whole Breast Irradiation.
Gale, Ashley Click abstract title to view poster
2954: A Simplified Framework For The Treatment Of Left Breast Cancer Using Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (dibh) With Reduced Heart Dose
Guan, Huaiqun